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About Dhaka District and Map of Dhaka District.

About Dhaka District.

Though the Dhaka capital of Bangladesh was of some importance in the pre-Mughal era, the city gained popularity in the history of the Mughal era.

There is nothing clear about the origin of Dhaka name.Some of the common notes are as follows:
A) Once upon a time there is a lot of drum trees in this region.
B) In the direction of Islam Khan on the opening day of the capital, the drum was played here.
C) A common language known as 'Dakbhasha' was practiced here.
D) The word Dhakka in Rajatarangini is referred to as 'Observation Center' or the eastern state of Sagragupta, mentioned in Allahabad inscription, is Dhaka.

It is said that the king of the Sen dynasty, Balal Sen, found a Hindu goddess Durga Viagra in the adjoining jungle while traveling on the banks of the Buriganga River.King Vallal Sen established a temple in the area, paying tribute to the goddess Durga.Since the grace of the deity was found in Dhaka or Gupta, the name of the temple is called Dhakeswari Mandir.In the name of the temple, the name of the place evolved from time to time. According to many historians,When Mughal Emperor Jahangir declared Dhaka as capital of Suba,Subadar Islam Khan ordered to play 'Dhak' in the city of joy.The story of this play is a legend of people,And from then on the name of the city is covered.It is notable here that,In 1610, Islam Khan Chishti Subhas transferred from Rajmahal, capital of Bengal to Dhaka.And after the name of the emperor, Jahangirnagar named it.

Famous food of dhaka.


Famous place.

Bahadur Shah Park.

Balda Garden.

Osmani Udyan and Bibi Mariam gunstock.

Botanical Garden.

Ramna Park.

Dhanmondi Lake.

Gulshan Lake Park.

Shishu Park.

Shyamoli Children's Room.


Lalbagh fort.

Jinjira Palace.

Ahsan Manzil.

Curzon Hall.



Nimtali Kuthibari.

Rose Garden.

They are mosques.

Satgumba Mosque.

Temple of Dhakeswari.

Armenian Church.

Shaheed Minar.

Mass killing site.

The museum.

Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban.

Vasani Novosetheater.

Fantasy Kingdom.

Nandan Park.

Science Museum.

Liberation War Museum.

Shaheed intellectuals graveyard.

Savar National Memorial.

Picnic Spot.

Among the Picnic spots around Dhaka are Mouchak, Gazipur, Bhawal Puspadam (Picnic Spot and Shooting Spot, Bagh Bazar Gazipur), Rajendrapur, Madhupur, Shafipur, Sreepur, Botanical Gardens, Chandra, Salna, Comilla Bird, Lalmai Hills, Kotbari etc. Place is worth noting.

Famous cloth.

Benarasi sari,

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