About Us

About Us

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Bangladesh is also known as the land of river. For many reason this country is very colorful. This website is about Bangladesh. We have tried to give information about Bangladeshi facts. 

This website was first launched in May 2018 and over the years, at the request of its visitors as well as members, Bangladesh.com has undergone a number of changes both to its design as well as its services and features. Since its inception, we have always aimed to meet the demands of our visitors while remaining dedicated to providing ongoing support and fulfilling member requests for access to information on subjects such as news, weather, travel, lifestyle, classifieds, culture, history, and entertainment.

We hope you enjoy Bangladesh.com and help support the country's businesses that are ready to serve you! We appreciate your feedback, patronage, and suggestions. Team redgreenbangladesh.com

About Dhaka District and Map of Dhaka District.

About Dhaka District. Though the Dhaka capital of Bangladesh was of some importance in the pre-Mughal era, the city gained popularit...